Santa Fe Christian Academy is a private, 501(c) 3 non-profit, non-denominational community Christian school, offering a strong academic education. National Standardized Testing results determine that SFCA students score above average on national percentiles.

To ensure our students excel, we open doors to their hearts and abilities in all manners possible, academically, artistically, athletically, musically and spiritually. In essence, we hope to give our children a master key to their future that will unlock any door they choose to explore, and with it, the self-confidence and leadership skills to achieve academic excellence and all of their dreams.“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
Proverbs 22:6


  • SFCA students are high achieving, confident, inquisitive, and of good moral character.
  • SFCA faculty are committed, inspired, and provide individualized attention.
  • SFCA parents are engaged, passionate, and partner with the school to provide the best education for their children.
  • SFCA families attend a variety of churches, but we are brought together by core Christian beliefs. SFCA’s Bible based curriculum is welcomed by families from Baptist and Catholic Churches, to Lutheran, Non-Denominational, Evangelical, Presbyterian and others, making it a truly unique Christian community in which our children thrive and grow in faith.


  • SFCA holds dual accreditation with ICAA & AdvancedEd as well as with the New Mexico Department of Education.
  • SFCA is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
  • The Little Learners Preschool is licensed with the State of New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department to provide preschool and after care programs.


Our Curriculum providers listed below provide both a challenging and exciting curriculum, aiming to engage the whole student in their academic experience.

  • ABeka Book – SFCA uses ABeka Book, which is an affiliate of Pensacola Christian College, throughout our school. ABeka is dedicated to providing quality education from a Christian perspective. Please visit ABeka Book at www.abeka.com for more information.
  • ACSI – SFCA uses ACSI Curriculum for Bible and spelling. ACSI is a Christian accrediting association that produces Christian texts in addition to providing Christian schools with services and accreditation. ACSI is a respected and reputable association that strives for excellence in Christian schools. Please visit ACSI at www.acsi.org for more information.
  • Purposeful Design Publications – PDP publishes textbooks and educational materials for ACSI. Please visit pdp.acsi.org for more information.
  • Bob Jones University Press – SFCA uses Bob Jones University Press, which
    is an affiliate of Bob Jones University throughout our school. Bob Jones University produces explicitly Christian texts. Learn more about Bob Jones University Press by visiting www.bju.edu.
  • Saxon Publishers – SFCA uses Saxon Publishers for 5th-8th grade math classes. This curriculum includes hands-on math skills in addition to drill practice and new concepts learned weekly. Please visit the following link to view an interactive look at the lessons: www.saxon.com.
  • Biblical Choices – SFCA uses Biblical Choices Curriculum in our primary grades to teach Bible. This curriculum provides hands on, age appropriate activities and actively involves students in meaningful choices, you can visit this publisher at www.standardpub.com.
  • Positive Action Bible Curriculum – SFCA uses Positive Action Bible Curriculum, the publishing arm of Positive Action for Christ, a publisher of Bible study materials and curriculum for schools and churches. You can learn more about this publisher at positiveaction.org.
  • Scott Foresman – SFCA uses Scott Foresman grades in 1-2 for science. This
    curriculum provides an interactive approach to learning science which teachers link to a Godly perspective. You can learn more about this publisher at www.scottforesman.com.


Santa Fe Christian Academy is committed to honoring Christ by teaching, encouraging, training and grounding students in God’s truth with a dynamic, academic environment. Our goal is to:

Serve the whole child

Foster a Christian worldview within each student

Cultivate a Christ-like character in the student body

Achieve academic excellence